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Janaka Bogollagama and Company have maintained their head office in Kurunegala for over 3 decades and established a strong reputation for a consistent and dependable service in the field of property development.

Janaka Bogollagama and Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Has provided the incredible service of presenting large, medium and small scale development projects across all 5 of Kurunegala’s main roads for home development with access to all essential infrastructural needs.

Kurunegala is a central hub of Sri Lanka with connecting all the major cities of across the island  and experiences a significant influx of migrants due to its secure location safe from any natural calamities and access to well recognized institutions for education, health and business.

Over the last 30 years Janaka Bogollagama and Co. (Pvt) Ltd. has grown with the city of Kurunegala, and been vital to that growth as many of our most successful land development projects have now transformed in to thriving housing schemes. Many of the projects currently on sale in the Kurunegala area are as follows:

Kurunegala- Putlam Highway:

  • The Catchment
  • Maspotha Junction
  • Rajaweediya
  • Serene Park

Kurunegala- Dambulla Road:

  • Kiriwaula Center Point
  • Wellawa Nilthenna
  • Thorayaya Nisansala
  • Ibbagamuwa Kiribamuna
  • Kolongollawatta

Kurunegala - Negombo Road

  • Negombo Express


We have Properties in these Areas View a list of Featured Properties.