Why Choose Us

With history of over years of “A Service with Absolute Trust” we believe in giving our customers the most personal, professional, secure and highest quality service. Here are some of reasons why you would choose us;

Easy Financing Schemes

    1. Special discounts are offered to customers that make full settlement up front.
    2. An interest free payment scheme to all customers, irrespective of the size of their installment and the length of the schemes.
    3. Time span of 2 to 3 years available to complete the payments.
    4. Customized payment schemes.
    5. Special benefits for bulk settlements and for those who complete their payments ahead of the scheduled date.
    6. All payment schemes are subjective to the conditions on each project.

Quick and easy loan facilities

An our projects have minimum 25 years guaranteed tittle without in cumbrances. Facilitation and support provided to customers requesting for personal bank loans in order to purchase property. In addition, Janaka Bogollagama & Company is prepared to send a senior official to accompany clients who wants to obtain bank loans, and make recommendations to the bank, on the clients’ behalf. Janaka Bogollagama & Company is also willing to conduct continuous follow-ups with the bank, until the loan is sanctioned, and ensure loan proceeds are obtained for the client, as early as possible. Loan customers will benefit special discounted instalments until loan is approved.

Provision of urban facilities

We provide all urban facilities under the conditions stated by the local urban council to each individual plot of our projects.

Clear and guaranteed title

We provide and guarantee a clear title to all our customers for the property they invest in. We ensure this title will have the ability to be accepted by any institution (Government or Private) even if they require for a mortgage facility later on.

The Best value & best service for your property

For individuals who wish to sell their property we provide customized service to ensure you receive the best value for your property. Crating a safe and hassle free environment for the sale of your valuable property.

Authorized Development

All local council approvals are obtained for the development done and gives customer the best quality available on the market.

Valuation Services

For clients who wish to invest in properties we provide valuation services for private commercial properties.

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